The Total Customer and Marketing Solution

To improve the effectiveness of your marketing and make your business grow.

Sweet Analytics, at the center of all your data

Sweet connects with all the marketing platforms that you know and love, and brings it all under one roof. Helping you understand customer retention and acquisition to drive your business forward.

Customer Data

To understand your customers you first need to understand all their interactions. Armed with a deep understanding of each of our customers, Sweet Analytics can help you to reach them more effectively with our unique personalisation tools.

Single Customer View

At the heart of Sweet Analytics is one of the most advanced Single Customer Views in the market. Using all available integrations we build a complete customer profile for all interactions with your brand, which are made readily available through our dashboards.

Sweet Tracker ™

Our proprietary technology allows us to unify browsing behaviour with Single Customer View, providing impartial attribution and linking sales to web interactions. With the ability of real-time interventions and cross-device tracking we can deliver personalised customer journeys.


Tackling the Holy Grail of marketing Sweet provides the single point of truth between the reality of sales and the mendacity of marketing platforms. Helping you more accurately judge the ROI of your marketing investment. 

Why are we different?

Give Sweet Analytics a try and see the benefits of having absolute control over your data.

Unique perspective on marketing

Our product is designed to have learning and attribution at its core. We aim to provide a single point of truth between sales and marketing. We deliver personalised marketing with a permanent circle of review and refresh, and we are aligned and support you with your growth.

Cross-channel Marketing Evaluation

We know that real life is about your sales numbers, not what Google Ads, Facebook, and your other marketing platforms tell you. If only the revenue reported by these platforms didn't come to twice your actual sales, you might be able to trust their claims! We believe it is our duty to unravel the mystery of marketing over-claim.

Total Marketing

We believe that all brands need to take a Total Marketing approach. This approach means that we include both your directly trackable marketing channels – those that can be linked to a single customer - and your non-trackable channels, such as Instagram, where your performance measures may not be directly linkable to customers and sales. We measure, attribute and action where other tools can't.

It's time to get Digital

Traditional marketing techniques are useless if you’re not able to support it with data. That means that it’s critical that all interactions are tracked end-to-end accurately. Say goodbye to uncertainty, and say hello to Sweet.

Who are we for?

The platform is designed for business and marketing leaders of consumer facing businesses who need real-time access to all their sales, customers and marketing data; saving time and improving effectiveness.

Retail (Ecommerce + multichannel)



What will we deliver for you?

Sweet delivers a platform supported by a team of seasoned experts to support you with analysis and advice. This will provide you improved ROI, increased retention, and overall business growth.

Improved ROI

Increased Retention & Acquisition

Business Growth