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Is your head aching from trying to manage the data chaos?

All the platforms are telling you different things and none of it adds up. Do you dread having to explain to your board what’s going on out there?


More and more companies are
benefiting from Sweet’s unique ability to
make sense of the data chaos.

Sweet’s dashboard brings everything into one place, provides a single, unbiased point of truth about offline and online sales, allows you to compare like with like. You will be able to make decisions and allocate budgets with confidence.

What you get with Sweet


Customer Data Platform

All your data in one place. One source of truth. Finally have access to all the information you need to succeed.


Sweet Intelligence Layer

Sweet takes care of enriching your customer profiles with limitless feeds of information. We crunch the data, so you don’t have to.


Integrations / Connectors

Connect Sweet to your already existing platforms. We untangle the mess from all your platforms.



Ever felt like numbers never add up? Sweet Attribution reconciles attribution numbers back to your sales numbers so nothing is ever left untracked!


User behaviour analysis

Target your customers at the right time with the right message. Using user behavioural information you can maximize your marketing spend and performance.


Growth Model Forecasting

How many customers do you need to acquire to reach your targets? How much marketing spend is required to do just that? Finally answers rather than more questions.

We are here when it counts

Set up takes a few minutes and a world of insights awaits. Book a demo or simply get started for free!

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  • Sweet provides in-platform support and training.
  • Sweet also provides seasoned consultants for those too busy to extract the most minute of insights or needing help to drive actions.
  • Our team is able to quickly analyse your business with a magnifying glass and detect any issues that could be impacting your bottom line.
  • We’re here when you need us to help your business grow!

Easily integrate all your data in one place.

Sweet makes it easy to link your external platforms to your account in under a few clicks! It’s never been easier to bring all your data together under one roof.

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Get a true view of sales attribution.

Understanding what parts of your marketing efforts drive conversions and sales can be one of the most complicated areas of marketing. Sweet makes it effortless to capture and analyse each individual touchpoint from each of your customers in a complex and multi-channel world.

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…We understand that all sales depend on product - it isn't just who buys, but what they buy that makes the difference

Sweet gives access to all your product data at merchandise and customer level, so you know what they buy - and what not. No longer is the marketer not equipped to understand the interaction of marketing and merchandising.


Connect all marketing activities against each customer.

Sweet has the unique ability to connect all marketing activities against each customer. This means joining together offline marketing campaign data with standard online activities. This provides a holistic view on all of your marketing channels, and how they interact together.

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Understand your customers & maximise their value.

  • Unlock hidden behavioral patterns of your customers & take action
  • Bring together all customer details & interactions into our Single Customer View.
  • Enrich customer data with more data sources
Learn how Campaign Manager works

Take your marketing to the next level with audience builder.

Create advanced segmentation based on hundreds of customer metrics, and providing a one-click sync option to your favourite marketing platforms.

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