About Us

Our story begins like any story. A dream to make marketing analytics simple and accessible for everyone. A tool that would become the swiss army knife of marketing. Learn about our exciting journey, and about the exciting future that lies ahead!

Our Vision

Oliver Spark and Dr Joseph Bradley-Viso worked together for many years as retail client and digital agency; forming a common view on the need and value of data.

In 2018, they brought this common vision and their skill sets together; Oliver – an experienced marketing-led multi-channel retailer, who grew The White Company from £6m to £50m; and Josh – a digital expert with his own agency; having previously worked at Google, and  with a doctorate from NYU in Behavioural Science. Sweet Analytics was born!

Josh brought Miguel Martinez, his colleague of many years and co-developer of the “Sweet Tracker” – our proprietorial web interaction tracker – on board as CTO;  and, with Josh returning solely to the digital world in the summer of 2019, Miguel has continued to lead the development of the platform. His broad technical and digital knowledge and experience with tracker insights underpin our development.

We now have an ever growing team of developers and analysts that continue to develop our platform and support our ever increasing list of clients – a group covering retail, membership and subscription. We are also supported by some of the  top marketing consultants.

Our vision is to untangle the jargon of marketing technology and relate everything to sales – the real number; while unravelling and delivering the Holy Grails of marketing data – single customer view, multi-touch attribution and marketing automation. Big jargon terms!  In the end, our platform will automatically drive your marketing from data and AI, leaving you with the creation of content.

We are on a journey – but we are committed  to helping  our clients grow.  We are passionate in our belief that data is needed to make this happen and we are committed to turning up a client’s rate of growth.

Want to join us in our incredible journey to success? It takes just one step to make that a reality.

Our Vision

Our vision is straightforward: deliver the best marketing automation platform the world has ever seen.


Our key points are data-centric, data science, real-time interventions, personalisation, and more. We’re not there yet, but we are fully committed to bringing the theory to reality!

Single Customer View

The first step is to build an accurate and diverse customer profile. Yes, we do that for every customer.

Multi-touch Attribution

The next step is attributing sales to the right channels. This allows enhanced and more effective decision-making. 

Marketing Automation

Finally, with a clear understanding of the data, all the different data points, and the ability to drive action we will be able to have a fully autonomous system that pull the levers as activity occurs in real-time.

Commonly Asked Questions

All you need to do is pick up the phone or email us at team@sweetanalytics.com and our friendly team will tell you all you need to know!

We support all major ecommerce, email and marketing platforms. If for some strange reason your platform is not on the list, get in touch! We’d love to look into supporting additional platforms.

We have a team ready to start integrating with your system. Our usual delivery time is between 1-2 weeks if we’re working with supported platforms. Otherwise get in touch and we can give you a more accurate timeline.