True agnostic attribution.

Sweet is completely agnostic and provides an independent view on how sales should be attributed. We don’t favour any one platform, and will always tell the truth!

Marketing platforms only give you a partial truth, they don’t account for cross-interactions between channels.

Customers are engaging more and more in multi-channel journeys, and it causes their attribution models to be inherently flawed, as they only look towards their activity to attribute sales. This is where Sweet comes in.


We are trusted by the best in the world



Unique tracking technology.

Sweet’s unique technology can track all interactions by a customer before and after purchase, providing an independent view on the interaction of marketing channels, and even allowing you to see all of the individual touchpoints of any given customer prior to each conversion.



Sales by channel in perfect harmony.

Attribution is based on actual sales numbers ensuring that no over-reporting occurs due to multi-channel customer journeys. You can identify which channels are best at recruiting prospects versus those best at converting.


Compare attribution models.

Sweet’s Comparison Tool can be used to compare different models: from last non direct, to linear, to a blended model like time-decay or position-based. Fancy a custom model tailored specifically to your business? Contact us to create a blended model that most accurately reflects what’s happening in your business and provides the best insights.