User behaviour.

Yes, it’s possible to track each customer individually based on their activity and behaviour, and fortunately Sweet can take care of this for you.
Know which existing customers are active on your website at the moment
Know when customers are interested in a product & use discount codes
Know when customers don’t open emails & target them via a different channel

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User behaviour

Link website visitor data with real customers.

Understand and target visitors on the site that are existing customers using their transactional history as well as their browsing behaviour to know how best to reach them and to re-convert them.


Data enrichment

Push audiences to your marketing platforms.

Create customer audiences and push these feeds into your marketing platforms automatically based on their unique customer behaviour.



Understand what channels your customers engage with the most.

Based on each customer’s individual behaviour learn what the best channels are to reach each customer. It’s never been easier to minimize advertising spend while maximizing revenue in under a few clicks!

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Sweet Intelligence Layer

Manual crunching of data is a thing of the past. Sweet’s intelligence layer takes all your data and connects it together.

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Behaviour Analysis

Understand your users, what they are interested in, and what they do on your site. Use all of that information to target them at the perfect time to get them to convert.

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Marketing Reports

Quickly access your marketing data from all of our supported platforms no more than a click away.

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Growth & Sales

Make granular plans on your customer acquisition and retention strategies early on, and to track your sales against your targets.

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Easily integrate all your data in one place.

Sweet makes it easy to link your external platforms to your account in under a few clicks! It’s never been easier to bring all your data together under one roof.

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