Campaign Manager.

The Sweet Campaign Manager allows you to take a holistic view of campaigns and smoothly integrate direct mail and other offline activities within SCV. Analyse the performance of your Direct Mail campaigns will receive daily reporting of direct mail match-back and other discount coded activities.

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Campaign Manager

Online and Offline activities.

Sweet links offline touchpoints with online sources so you can evaluate all marketing activities, digital and real world, alongside each other. All this information is linked to each individual customer, allow.


Campaign Manager

Programmatic Direct Mail

Audience Builder also allows customers that join audiences to be automatically pushed to external platforms to print and send personalised Direct Mail pieces. As well as standard direct mailing preparation, Sweet also links to external data management sources for suppressions, so you can go straight from segment selection to printer.

Campaign Manager

Real-time campaign performance.

Never miss a beat! Measure campaign performance in real-time for all of your offline campaigns and discount-code based activities.