Cost Manager.

Our tool captures all costs even when they are incurred on a marketing platform such as Facebook or Google Ads. Even offline campaigns and manually-entered costs, such as agency fees, are tracked and allocated to the right channels.
Get a clear view of your costs in real time & track your ROIs
Track & allocate yo the right channel your offliane campaigns
Compare actual spend to budget and ensure you are on track

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cost manager

Sync platform costs automatically.

By connecting all your different marketing platforms, Sweet will automatically sync all your costs, saving you time and money on manual reporting tasks.


cost manager

One-time and recurring costs.

Sweet makes it dead simple to configure recurring costs and one-time costs, as well as splitting these costs over time.


cost manager

Allocate costs to channels.

Assign costs to sources and channels in order to accurately calculate ROAS. Sweet will automatically assign synced platform costs to the right channel. Manual and recurring costs can be split and allocated to multiple channels to provide accurate and automated ROI numbers.

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Sweet Intelligence Layer

Sweet takes care of joining all the data points together, to help extract relevant insights and help your marketing team succeed.

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Marketing Reports

Bring all your marketing data under one roof. Understand the key metrics to validate your customer acquisition and retention strategies.

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Behaviour Analysis

Understand how your customers behave to understand their interests, which marketing channels are more effective at converting them, and optimise every part of the customer journey.

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