Retailers are our core.

Sweet works directly with brands across a variety of sectors. We see no limits to the definition of retail - being merely the interaction of a business selling direct to consumers. We work across many industries, including fashion, shoes and footwear, beauty, home and homewares, sport and leisure, food and drink - and many more.

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Brand & retailers

Engage in multi-channel marketing.

We love businesses that engage in multi-channel marketing including on and offline and marketplaces, such as Amazon - because we believe that Sweet is the leader in providing clarity to the complex world.

Brand & retailers

Make it simple to understand the complex.

So multi-store, multi-currency, multi-channel, multi-marketplaces — Sweet makes it simple to understand the complex. No longer are you lost in the data, but focusing on the insights and actions.


Brand & retailers

There is no barrier on size.

We see no barrier on size. We aim to democratise our skills and insight from start ups (with sales of less than £500k) to mega stars (with sales over £100m) - from simple to complex; so we offer simple self- serve to Enterprise solutions to customers with millions of customers (our current leader has 10 million customers).

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Sweet Intelligence Layer

Manual crunching of data is a thing of the past. Sweet’s intelligence layer takes all your data and connects it together.

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Behaviour Analysis

Understand your users, what they are interested in, and what they do on your site. Use all of that information to target them at the perfect time to get them to convert.

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Marketing Reports

Quickly access your marketing data from all of our supported platforms no more than a click away.

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Growth & Sales

Make granular plans on your customer acquisition and retention strategies early on, and to track your sales against your targets.

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