Financial aspirations into customer numbers & recruitment targets.

Make granular plans on your customer acquisition and retention strategies early on, and to track your sales against your targets.


Everything starts with a single customer.

It’s crucial to understand where each customer is in the sales funnel, only then can you optimise your marketing efforts and keep your costs in check, while increasing your revenue.


We are trusted by the best in the world


Growth & sales

Sales forecasting at its finest!

We link your historical data to a Sales Forecasting System which allocates customers to cohorts based on their position at the beginning of a financial year. This Growth Model is built on foundations that incorporate real customers and actual behaviours.

  • Make annual and long-term plans granular at a customer metric level.
  • Align them with your ongoing reporting in Sweet.
  • Make your growth aspirations tangible and achievable.

Growth & sales

Understanding sales and trends.

To analyse the health of your business it’s important to understand whether it’s supported by an upwards or a downwards trend. Sweet will not only tell you that, but will also tell you the reason why! Quickly identify the source of the issue to resolve it and become the company hero!

Our Solutions.

Sweet is the most powerful customer data platform democratising data and helping your business grow.

Our Solutions

Explore sweet's solutions for agencies.

Sweet can work with agencies in two ways: by providing a full white-labelled version of our platform, or by providing a simple and highly effective channel reporting tool.
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Soar to new heights with some of Sweet's greatest features

Learn about other platform key features

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Customer Data Platform

Get a 360 view of your customers. Understand their purchase cycles, the ads they interact with, and when they will purchase next!

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Sweet Intelligence

Sweet takes care of joining all the data points together, to help extract relevant insights and help your marketing team succeed.

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Marketing Reports

Bring all your marketing data under one roof. Understand the key metrics to validate your customer acquisition and retention strategies.

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