Marketing data all in one place.

Democratisation of data means having access to data quickly and efficiently. Sweet delivers on that, and then some. Quickly access your marketing data from all of our supported platforms no more than a click away. Save yourself the hassle of managing dozens of credentials for each platform and just use Sweet!

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Sweet Attribution vs Platforms.

Have you ever tried adding up the reported revenue from all the marketing platforms you use and compare that with the actual sales of that period? We certainly have, and it’s not pretty… Sweet not only reflects what each of the platforms claims (which is almost always overstated!), but also allows you to compare with Sweet’s True Attribution.



Accessibility of marketing data.

Data should be quick and easily accessible. Simply connect your marketing tools to Sweet and enjoy all your information from a single platform. You’ll be able to drill down into Google Analytics, understand costs and revenue in Facebook Business Manager, analyse campaigns from Google Ads, and interrogate email metrics.

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Customer Data Platform

Get a 360 view of your customers. Understand their purchase cycles, the ads they interact with, and when they will purchase next!

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Sweet Intelligence

Sweet takes care of joining all the data points together, to help extract relevant insights and help your marketing team succeed.

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Behaviour Analysis

Understand how your customers behave to understand their interests, which marketing channels are more effective at converting them, and optimise every part of the customer journey.

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