Access to all your marketing needs in one place.

Our aim is to provide you with the single Sweet platform that provides you with access to all your marketing needs in one place.

our Approach

Sweet — technology neutral tool.

We believe that rather than trying to replicate every marketing tool — whether email, loyalty programme or review system — it is better for Sweet to be tool and technology neutral and to work in conjunction with the most commonly used platforms.

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our Approach

Access to all the information that you need.

Our exposure to the market makes us aware of the complexity of the role of a modern marketer, so we have designed the Sweet modules to provide an ongoing check list of focus, which is the basis for our Team.

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Our Approach

Our framework modules

We appreciate that the role of a marketing leader is broad, so the Sweet consultancy modules framework provides advice and direction on all the topics that we believe a marketer needs:

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Sweet Intelligence Layer

Manual crunching of data is a thing of the past. Sweet’s intelligence layer takes all your data and connects it together.

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Behaviour Analysis

Understand your users, what they are interested in, and what they do on your site. Use all of that information to target them at the perfect time to get them to convert.

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Marketing Reports

Quickly access your marketing data from all of our supported platforms no more than a click away.

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Growth & Sales

Make granular plans on your customer acquisition and retention strategies early on, and to track your sales against your targets.

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