Our Product

Sweet Analytics is a technology developed in-house by our software developers over the past 2 years. It’s real time, it is powered by an AI core and tailors its recommendations to your company

How does it work?

It works by:

Aggregating unlimited data sources together such as in-store purchase data, catalogue requests, catalogue drops, Google Analytics, display, Google Ads, and more. It can digest and process any kind of data.

It links users to both online and offline activities. This allows to understand the complete customer lifecycle, the most effective interactions (online and offline) that drive users to convert, and all of this within a single platform.

We are constantly building every customer’s profile. The more information we gather the better and more advanced segmentations that we can generate. This dynamic segmentation then drives personalisation as it allows a unique and customised experience for all your customers. The circle would not be complete without an deep and extensive reporting platform. 

Our Platform

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