With so much already done, our goal is to accelerate and use our momentum to slingshot into the horizon ahead.

Single Customer View


Insights & Action

Automation + Personalization

What's next?

We have successfully developed a platform that brings together all of the data relating to your users and have designed a framework around attribution to give you the most accurate view on the performance of your marketing efforts. But we are not even close to being done. What’s next you ask?

1. Action & Insights

We are busy at work planning the next phase of our journey. With the amount of data readily available in Sweet the time has come to bring it to light. This will involve dynamic audience segmentation
, baseline alerting, anomaly detection, marketing recommendations, sales insights and more.

2. Personalisation + Automation

The next step is to leverage all the actions & insights gathered to provide marketing automation in many different ways including: real-time interventions, personalised 1-1 emails and Direct Mail, product recommendation, and much more.

What are we working on?

Customer and Marketing Analytics

At the centre of Sweet is each individual customer, with all data around their touchpoints, interactions, email activity, behaviour on the website, and more. We use all this information to provide cutting-edge analytics that can only improve your marketing.

Product Performance & Recommendation

Understand which are your star products and which ones probably need changing. By analysing trends and patterns as well as user behaviour on the site, we can effectively know which products clients are more interested in.

Hyper-targeting and dynamic customer segmentation

Want to run a daily campaign to target customers that have added an item to their basket but didn't checkout in order to reengage them? Our dynamic customer segmentation always keeps your data up to date so your marketing can be even more effective.

Cohort Analysis

Measure retention and other flows across different cohorts. This feature will allow you to build flows to define and automate interventions based on the rules that you decide. Want to send an email to customers that haven't been on the site for more than two weeks? Or maybe offer loyal customers a discount as soon as they land on the page.

Audience Builder

What's the use of having all customer data available when you can't segment them into groups and target them effectively? Build a single view of each customer by integrating data from any source with robust contact management. Segment subscribers in a drag-and-drop interface using any combination of attributes at scale.

Personalisation & Dynamic Segments

Users are bombarded with communications at a daily level and are highly sensitive to content that's irrelevant or unimportant to them. With ever-growing standards, users want to feel special, cared for, and unique; and this is where personalisation comes in.

True Attribution

We know it's hard to compare your conversion from your favorite PPC platforms. They just never seem to be consistent, as each vendor attributes more conversions to themselves. Sweet aims to build a True Attribution model that integrates every single data point related to the customer to avoid "models" and instead transition to "truth".

Monitoring & Alerts

Life is too short to be glued to the screen in case issues occur. Sweet alerting performs anomaly detection for you. Using statistical models we're able to leverage the use of multidimensional baselining and predictive analytics to automatically detect when things aren't behaving as expected.

Real-time Interventions

In the world of just-in-time marketing it's critical that customers are contacted at the point when they're most likely to purchase. Live interventions allow to autonomously trigger certain prompts depending on the user and their complete profile.

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