One AI to rule them all.

Manual crunching of data is a thing of the past. Sweet’s intelligence layer takes all your data and connects it together. Learn how Sweet can untangle and maximize your data!
Link all the relevant information under a single customer profile.
Dedup and enrich a customer profile with additional data .
Learn more about your customers than you ever thought possible!

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Single source of truth.

Sweet uses state of the art AI techniques to analyse customer behaviour, purchasing patterns, and much more. With all the available information you can make informed decisions knowing that you have all the available information at the tip of your fingers.


Single Customer View

Joining all available data points.

Long gone are the days of worrying about data quality and data sitting in different corners of the business. Sweet takes care of all the heavy lifting of joining and cleaning the data so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Data enrichment

Data enrichment.

Sweet takes care of enriching your customer profiles with limitless feeds of information. We crunch the data, so you don’t have to.

Our Solutions.

Sweet is the most powerful customer data platform democratising data and helping your business grow.

Our Solutions

Explore sweet's solutions for agencies.

Sweet can work with agencies in two ways: by providing a full white-labelled version of our platform, or by providing a simple and highly effective channel reporting tool.
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Customer Data Platform

Get a 360 view of your customers. Understand their purchase cycles, the ads they interact with, and when they will purchase next!

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Growth and Sales

Sweet brings all your sales data into one place, allowing you to set goals and understand the key levers affecting your business growth.

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Behaviour Analysis

Understand how your customers behave to understand their interests, which marketing channels are more effective at converting them, and optimise every part of the customer journey.

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