Meet the Sweet Analytics Tracker — our proprietary technology.

The Sweet Analytics Tracker allows us to unify browsing behaviour with Single Customer View, providing impartial attribution and linking sales to web interactions.
The core of Sweet providing a plethora of behavioural information
The Sweet Tracker enriches each customer profile linking sales to web interactions.
Enables advanced segmentation using this real-time feed of behavioural data.

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Sweet tracker

Cross-device Tracking.

Understand the full customer journey by detecting customers on multiple devices. Join together all interactions with your brand against each customer profile, regardless of which devices they use to browse.


Sweet tracker


the Sweet Tracker has been built from the bottom up with privacy in mind and is fully GPPR-compliant. It introduces a “GDPR strict-mode” which prevents the tracker from sending any user data until cookie usage has been accepted, providing a flexible framework that puts the user first.


Sweet tracker

Personalised customer journey.

The tracker connects each individual interaction that users have with your website. It allows stitching together the full customer journey. Tools like Google Analytics don’t provide you with the raw data around each touchpoint in the customer journey. We advocate for full transparency, and provide you with each individual touchpoint so you can see for yourself how our attribution works.


Sweet tracker


The Sweet tracker provides a high degree of data enrichment against each customer record. The data it collects allows you to target customers that were on your website this week, or target iOS users that have added an item to the basket without having purchased. The possibilities are endless.

Sweet tracker


The Sweet Tracker enables the linking of customers with browsing behaviour. This allows Sweet to analyse all the interactions users have had on your website prior to purchasing, as well as where they came from.


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